SPC12k Solar Powered Charger

Solar Power in the Palm of your Hand

SPC12k Solar Powered Battery Charger

The SPC12k Solar Powered Charger

Lightweight, Durable and Transportable. Never Be Without Power Again!

The advent of the smart phone has changed our lives in so many ways. No longer is your mobile device simply a telephone. It has now become our camera, web browser and full blown entertainment device. Everywhere and anywhere. The advancement in the technology has been and will continue to be staggering.

While the technology and capabilities have changed dramatically, today’s mobile devices still fundamentally rely on a very old technology…they run off of a battery. Certainly batteries hold a larger charge, drain less power and last longer than in years past. None the less, they still drain down to the point where the electronic device will not operate. Of course, due to Murphy’s Law, this will happen and the most inopportune time. However, now there is a solution.

 The SPC12k Solar Powered Battery charger will ensure that you never run out of battery life again. Take it with you where ever you go. Whenever your electronic device needs to be re-charged just connect it to the SPC12k and you will be good to go.

The SPC12k offers the following benefits and features.

Lightweight – The SPC12k weighs a mere 11 ounces.

Powerful – The SPC12k is rated at 12,000 mAh (milliAmp hours). Enough to recharge most devices multiple times.

Powerful Solar Panel – The SPC12k comes with a 5 V, 1.4 W solar panel. This helps keep a charge on the SPC12k when you are off the grid*.

Dual USB’s – Allows for charging two 1A devices or one 2A device.

Water/Dust Resistant – The SPC12k has an IPX6 water/dust resistance rating.

Shock Resistant – The rubberized plastic covering will protect the units from normal wear and tear, and drops.

Transportable – The dimensions on the SPC12k are 6.5″ X 3.5″ X 0.75″ making it easy to take anyplace you go.

* Please note, that as with all devices of this type, the solar panel is not designed to be the primary method of charging the SPC12k. The Solar Panel is meant to extend the amount of time between USB charges.



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