SPC12k Solar Power Pack – Charging the Unit


The SPC12k Solar Power Pack is a very simple product to use. Follow these basic guidelines and recommendations for proper operation on how the charge the device via the USB port and via The Sun.

Charging the Solar Power Pack

There are two ways to charge the 12000 mAh battery built into the SPC12k.

1) Connect the device to the USB port of a computer or laptop.

Charging Solar Power Pack via USB


The SPC12k comes to you with a full charge and can be used right away. As you start to draw down the battery after a few uses the fastest way to re-charge the battery is by connecting the mini-USB to the SPC12k and connecting the regular USB connector to a USB port from a charging source, such as a computer or wall outlet plug that has a USB port.

The unit has a very large battery and it can take 8-10 hours to charge it using this method if you run it down to one light. When the battery pack is fully charged all 4 lights will be blue. The unit will then stop charging so as not to damage the battery.

2) Charging the battery with The Sun.


Charging Solar Power Pack via the Sun

You can certainly re-charge the SPC12k’s battery using only sunlight. It will take a long time. The best use for the solar panel charging method is for when your are “off the grid” and need to charge a device. I have found that the draw down rate on the battery is much slower when the unit is also charging via sunlight. You can also leave the SPC12k in the sunlight as much as possible to allow it to always build up the battery and maintain a higher stored charge.

You can tell when the SPC12k is being charged by the Sun by the fact that the green light is illuminated on the left light as shown in the above picture.

So use what method works best for you and the situation you find yourself in. Know that the SPC12k Solar Power Pack can be everywhere with you.



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