Solar Panel Helpful Tips

SPC12k Helpful Tips to Maximize a Charge



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The SPC12k comes with a 12,000 mAh battery. When fully charged it can charge a number of devices. If you are going to be off the grid for a period of time here are some helpful tips on using the battery and the Sun to maximize the amount of time between charging the device via a USB port.

  • Fully Charge the SPC12k using a USB connection before you get ready to leave.
  • Leave the SPC12k in the sunlight as much as possible during daylight hours. The solar panel efficiency is impacted by many factors. Clouds, shade, the solar panel getting direct versus indirect sunlight. If the green light on the units is on, the battery is being replenished. The rate at which it is replenished is based on the factors mentioned above.
  • Re-Charge your mobile device daily. Don’t wait a couple of days until your device’s battery is very low. Top it off every night.
  • Rinse and repeat the next day letting the SPC12k getting as much sunlight as possible and topping off your device at night.

The key take away here is that the Solar Panel on the SPC12k, as with all product of this type, is not designed to be the primary charging means for the battery. It’s true intent is to extend the amount of time between USB re-charges. Follow these suggestions to maximize your time between charges.