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SPC12k Solar Charger Reviews

We always greatly appreciate when buyers of the SPC12k take time out of their busy days to leave reviews on Amazon about their experience with buying and using the product. Selling in an on-line marketplace means the customer doesn’t get to touch the product before they buy it. We also don’t get to interact with the buyer on the transaction. That is why we always like to hear from our buyers. So read through some of the reviews that have been left about the SPC12k. You can click on the picture to make it larger or click on the link to go to Amazon where you can read all the reviews.


The Most Helpful Review

This was one of the first reviews posted about the SPC12k. This is by far the review with the most helpful votes. A good write up on the SPC12k with a little humor included. It will make you smile.


SPC12k Solar Charger - Best Review

The actual review on Amazon

The Most Thorough Review

This buyer really put the SPC12k to task. It passed with flying colors. Earning an excellent review from someone who shares their “field experience” with using the device on a camping trip.


SPC12k Solar Charger - Through Review

SPC12k Review on Amazon

The “Upon Further Review” Review

It is always a great pleasure when someone leaves a review. It is even a greater pleasure when that same person comes back 5 days later and bumps the review to 5 stars after using the SPC12k extensively over a weekend.

SPC12k Upgraded Review

Upgraded Review on Amazon

The We Will Always Make it Right Review

BW Distributors offers a “no questions asked” one year guarantee on the SPC12k. While we strive for perfection, sometimes there are issues. Please know that if there are issues we stand by our product and make things right.


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