The Kit

Content of Shipping Package of the SPC12k Solar Power Battery

The picture below shows you how your Solar Power Battery Charger will ship and what is contained inside. Below the photo are descriptions of the items.


Contents of SPC12k Solar Power Battery Package


Here are the components that ship with the SPC12k Solar Power Battery Charger.

The SPC12k 12000 mAh Solar Power Battery Pack

This is the unit itself. There are two USB ports on the device. One on either side at the top. Near the USB on the left of the unit there is also a mini-USB port. Both of these area are covered by a protective flap that keeps dust and water out of the unit. This is what allows the SPC12k to be rated IPX6 for water protection.

On the top side on the right there is also a LED Torch. The light can be turned on and used as a flashlight. In addition, it can be set up to pulse a S.O.S signal.

One USB to mini-USB Cable

This is the cable that is used to charge the SPC12k battery via a USB port on a PC or USB Electrical Socket device. It is also the cable that is used to charge your electronic device with the stored power in the SPC12k. Please note: if your electronic device as some other type of charging interface than mini-USB you will need to provide your own cable.

One Carabiner

The carabiner serves to be a most useful add-on included with the SPC12k. It makes it very easy to tote the device around while leaving it in the sunshine. No need to pack it away in your backpack, attach it to the outside with the carabiner. Works the same way with a bicycle, cooler, beach bag and many other thing you have with you when you are enjoying the great outdoors

One Instruction Manual

The SPC12k is pretty basic and very easy to use. However, what would a product be without an Owner’s and Operation Manual. The manual servers as a quick How-to guide. It also contains some good information on things you should not do with the unit




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